PC versus Mac: the winner is…

…who cares?

I am amazed at grown adults who think that there is even such a thing as PC vs. Mac. It’s no more sensible than Ford vs. Holden.

My system

Just use the best tool for the job, one or more of:

  1. The job at hand
  2. Your actual job
  3. Your preferred job; your aspirational job

This is why my “daily driver” is my MacBook Pro running Mac OS X, and why I have two other laptops on my desk running 32-bit Windows.

That is all. :-)

Get on. Tune in. Fly!

Got your ticket for the Australian Superbike Championships? Two 13-lap races on Sunday. $15 for an Adult at the gate, or $30 for a two-day pass.

My ticket is taking me a little closer than usual. No, not into the Paddock area: closer than that.

No, not into the Pits. Closer than that.

Actually onto the back of a Superbike? Yep: *that close*.

©2009 asbk www.asbk.com.au

©2009 asbk www.asbk.com.au

A few people have been selected to ride pillion with Alex Gobert on a Procon Honda CBR1000RR or Shawn Giles aboard a Suzuki GSXR1000. At a couple of hundred kilometres an hour down the straight.

If even the Abberton brothers thought it was scary, you’ll all be wishing me luck, right?

Using my channel on Qik (also hopefully embedded below) you may be able to catch some live footage from the day Update 9th August: Due to the logistics, I was unable to to any Qik. You can find me on Twitter, and depending where you live, you may even be able to hear me shouting “YEEEEHAAAA!”.