Nokia N95 Maps for Australia

UPDATED 17 November 2008: Please note that this data is now very out of date.

I recommend obtaining the new Nokia Maps 2.x for your N95, and using the Nokia Maps software on your PC to manage map data download and installation.

As a service to the community, the map data for Australia is available to download below.

All rights are reserved by Nokia internationally.

Please note that I do not work for Nokia, and do not provide any support of any kind for this file download.

Maps [71mb .RAR file]


I had a Nokia 7650. Awesome, but slow.

I had a Nokia 3230. Terrible, but reasonably fast. I mean, after a half-dozen firmware upgrades and repairs, the thing would crash on an incoming call, and I had to pull the battery to stop it vibrating-alert-ing itself to death.

Then the Siemens S65. Ahh, Teutonic understated simplicity. Great phone! Shame about their Bluetooth handsfree, which now won’t turn on. It just “bleep!”s feebly at me.

Then I said I wanted an iPhone on launch day. I still have the option open to me to get one, via Cingular International.

But I got a Nokia N95 instead.

For me, it’s the spiritual successor to the 7650. With speed, maturity of applications, real actual functionality and it’s an indispensable part of my working day.


To flesh out the bundled apps, I’d tip you get Fring, the GMail application and Salling Clicker.

…anyone know how to get it to pair with Address Book on Mac OS X, for dialing and sending of SMS? The Nokia iSync plugins allow me to sync perfectly, I just can’t “mate” with Address Book.