mplayer on Mac OS X compilation errors

I had a very unpleasant time this morning compiling mplayer, with LIVE555 support, for Mac OS X Intel (Leopard, 10.5.4).

LIVE555 compiled fine, with

./genmakefiles macosx

and I moved it into /opt/local/lib/live to “co””exist” with some macports libraries.

But mplayer refused to play nicely, until I built it with

./configure --disable-gui --disable-mencoder --disable-xinerama --disable-xv --disable-x11 --enable-largefiles --enable-macosx-finder-support --enable-menu --with-freetype-config=/usr/X11R6/bin/freetype-config --with-extraincdir=/opt/local/lib/live/ --with-extralibdir=/opt/local/lib

Yeah…right…I totally should have known that off the top of my head. At least now the binary is built, so I could Bonjour it to a coworker for his MacBook and he could start using it straight away.

mplayer (totally cool version with LIVE555 support) (Intel) (Mac OS X) (zip. 2.9mbyte file, HTTP download)

Please understand that this is being provided without any expressed warranty or merchantability statement. It is virus- and malicious code- free. I claim no rights of any kind for compiling open-source codebases into this binary.

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Epic random DHCP failure

My iPhone (Classic) was failing to get DHCP via one of the WiFi networks in the office. Some convoluted Googling later, I found that perhaps the clash is due to the Billion DHCP server implementation not liking the AirPort Extreme IPv6 Tunneling option being enabled.

Change the IPv6 configuration in your AirPort Extreme to:



And the basestation reboots by itself, which left me with working DHCP.

Yes, I have the WiFi basestation(s) as bridges onto the DHCP-serving router.