I Work For You

I tried to offer my services via Twitter, and had zero takers. Fair enough, maybe my circle is too small.

So, I blog it here, out in the open.

Contact me, and I will do your work for a day, for free.

You could take this opportunity to “hand me the keys” and go to the beach.

Or, you could take the chance to get some project work done, or done faster.

You could use me as an extra pair of hands.

No, I will not be a slave, Man Friday, or workplace masseur, or anything similar.

My offer is serious, if you want to take me up on it.

Location: Sydney, or you pay me the cost-price of travel to/from your preferred location.

What do I do?

Read on after the break for details.

I usually report directly to CTO, CEO or MD, and work on creating, designing, building, implementing and managing cross-disciplinary projects: all within the tactical, strategic, budgetary and partner context of the company.

I feel my extensive experience with digital media, satellite, DVB, IPTV and 3G broadcasting stands me in good stead for a range of roles in agencies, broadcasters, media publishers and networks.

I am an experienced IT- and broadcast-grade network and infrastructure designer and manager. With triple-play telco experience, I am looking for my next great challenge in digital media, 3G or IPTV. 

I have immediate availability.

A native English speaker, with working French and German. Maybe you just want me to work with your European clients?

Although based in Sydney, Australia, I am willing to relocate internationally for the right opportunity.

As a way of promoting my work and personal brand, I was recently interviewed/profiled by Sharma Vishal.

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