Sydney Apple Store opening

Front of the line in Sydney

I wandered down to the Sydney Apple Store opening queue. Yes, there’s only 4 hours to go now before people get their chance to walk the polished boards, gaze outwards from the steel-bracketed glass facade, and to ask premature questions about iPhone 3G.

I lent @decryption my spare MacBook Pro 15″ battery: he’s number 8 in the queue, which means he’s had a large number of cold hours sitting on a foldout chair.

Second part of the queue at the Sydney Apple Store opening.

The second part of the queue heads west up King Street, and probably takes the number of people well over 50.

The store looks great. I’m from a family of architects and designers, and I feel the building’s remodeling has a nice 2007/2008 feel, with some French/German modern glass-and-steel aesthetic thrown in. Being directly opposite the Telstra T-Life store is a masterstroke for design, town planning, marketing and sale potential.

The TV crews are there, just cooling their heels inbetween breakfast TV live crosses, and small magazine-style pieces about the type of geek who would camp out for a t-shirt and the chance to perhaps see Mr. Jobs who is rumoured to appear. Yes, it’s most surely just a rumour right now. If he steps off his jet this morning and appears at the ExecuJet terminal, I’ll try to let you know.

I chatted to a a few people while I sarcastically wore my ten-year-old Rhapsody Developer t-shirt: everyone was in great spirits, including the security staff.

3 thoughts on “Sydney Apple Store opening

  1. Well it’s got to see the “me too” factor is running high in the “correct” hemisphere. Perhaps we can roll-in a few queue-jump rage stabbings to show the inferior Northerners how it should be done!


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