iPhone for the iWin

Given that I now will work feverishly to obtain one on launch day, they have obviously got the mix right.

iPhone front-on, and side-on

It’s equal parts widescreen iPod, PDA-computer hybrid and phone with an operating system that doesn’t suck.

My previous forays into PalmPilots with GSM jackets, Newton MessagePad 2100s with GPRS cards, and Symbian Series 60 have all been leading to this point.

As long as they don’t count Australia as Asia, which means a 2008 launch date for the masses, I can see a lot of people dropping Windows Mobile smartphones quick-smart.

Affair over. Engagement and marriage imminent.

I’d say that PCs and TVs have been flirting, and quite possibly canoodling, for some time.

Joanne Ostrow, whose sub-editor had the great idea to use the phrase will change the way we live, posted this article two days ahead of the usual schedule. Her predictions for 2007 are real!

You’ve heard the predictions before, but this time they [consumer electronics manufacturers] really mean it.

Keyword, and buzzword, laden this potted copy-and-paste doesn’t tell digitalmediaphiles a lot they didn’t already know. Nor does it help Joe Average navigate the digital media landscape that is just outside the livingroom door.

Reverse anachronism (I don’t know the right word) steps in, predictably in a predictions piece:

The notion of how you discover programs will change, too. Channel surfing will become overwhelming with far too many choices to sample. Expect to see different navigation cues pop up to let you know what’s on, specifically of interest to you.


Cues to relevance, to relationships, to currency and to community will help you navigate.

People already know what is on: they need to determine why it’s on, where it came from, what it’s like, and what exists around it or its topic.

8 Things You Need To Know About PS3 versus Wii

Some of the language might be considered (mildly) Not Safe For Work, but this sounds just like the conversation two teenaged acquaintances had with me at the weekend.

Console supremacy wars roll around again!

Only one console will do this for you:

Speeds pace of evolution if touched

Read the article to find out which one.

Or read this post to see what might happen…uhh…to you…

CableCARDs cable can’t?

Promising so much since I began looking at the technology at IBC2004, CableCARD hasn’t delivered anything yet into the Asia-Pacific/Pacific Rim region I work in.

Combined with Common Interface Conditional Access Modules, CableCARD could allow an interoperability landscape to flourish amongst HDTVs, Set Top Boxes, media centres and content services.

Do we know what The Next Great Standard for TV is? No, and I’d never pretend anything different.

But the two standards mentioned above exist now, and if used in combination by an end user (such as an HDTV with a CableCARD in Slot 1, and a Neotion CAM in Slot 2) could create a display with aftermarket, yet built-in, IPTV, smartcard-based decryption and MPEG4.

if they were in general release