PC versus Mac: the winner is…

…who cares?

I am amazed at grown adults who think that there is even such a thing as PC vs. Mac. It’s no more sensible than Ford vs. Holden.

My system

Just use the best tool for the job, one or more of:

  1. The job at hand
  2. Your actual job
  3. Your preferred job; your aspirational job

This is why my “daily driver” is my MacBook Pro running Mac OS X, and why I have two other laptops on my desk running 32-bit Windows.

That is all. :-)

One thought on “PC versus Mac: the winner is…

  1. I totally agree.

    As much as I like to get involved in the general Mac vs. PC debate for fun, at the end of the day people choose what they need to get the job done, whatever they may see the *job* to be. For me personally that’s a Mac, but I know plenty that earn their living in the PC world.

    At the end of the day, each to their own, and whatever works for you personally is the best solution – no matter what other people say.

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