Chronosynchronous release

The article pulls in too many directions for me to be able to form a strong view on the author’s, and subjects’, viewpoints.

I understand that each part of the value-chain has its own incentive, but if you look at the key “reasons” from top to bottom, you get a view on how fragmented the industry is.

In an attempt to bolster consumer interest in paid video on demand […]

“[…] What we are really interested in seeing is whether this increases the buy rates.”

“we believe that they will be very cautious in introducing any new less profitable service that could be cannibalistic to the rental and retail channel.”

The experiment is a result of pressure by the cable industry to test paid video on demand so that it could get a slice of the revenues immediately after theater release.

Well, is it about consumer interest or business (self) interest?

The answer is both. Generally, it’s hard to find a consistent view on what on-demand means. What it provides, or what it produces.

It provides a method for producers to get closer to the audience, if the network agrees to carry the content immediately after completion/release.

It produces revenue streams that are less convoluted, if the rights-holder or “seller” can agree to take a revenue-share.

But it also means that release windows become less relevant. If people already check “” (or equivalent) for “release” dates, why not knife the bootleg by providing low-resistance methods of seeing the real thing?

Leaks of new songs difficult to plug

…and some in industry don’t care | Chicago Tribune

In some cases, industry people are leaking music online, such as the recent incident in which tracks from a Mastodon recording were released by a retail worker, who was subsequently fired.

Or, as I experienced in 2001 to 2003: some label managers paid to have “studio burns” of albums released onto filesharing networks to gauge reaction in advance of the release.

You can use the community to your advantage; the corollary is that it is not piracy if it is endorsed by the label.

8 Things You Need To Know About PS3 versus Wii

Some of the language might be considered (mildly) Not Safe For Work, but this sounds just like the conversation two teenaged acquaintances had with me at the weekend.

Console supremacy wars roll around again!

Only one console will do this for you:

Speeds pace of evolution if touched

Read the article to find out which one.

Or read this post to see what might happen…uhh…to you…