MediaDailyNews reports that Proctor and Gamble is

reallocating investments from parts of the communication plan that aren’t working as hard for us, to parts of the communication plan that are working harder.

David Goetzl posits that this could mean

reducing television spending in favor of Internet and direct marketing initiatives.

Now, in the context of the news that Google’s take of UK advertising revenues will exceed the ad revenues of Channel 4, this is a reasonably straightforward guess: more now with ten blades! razor adverts for all.

But perhaps P&G, and large ad buyers such as GroupM and their clients might consider individually addressable TV/IPTV advertising, their pitch being

“The ability to deliver addressable advertising differentiates cable television from broadcast and satellite services. With PVR-equipped consumers skipping ads, it is vital that next-generation service providers deliver compelling ads that entice viewers to watch,” said Gerry Kaufhold, analyst with In-Stat, a market research firm headquartered in Scottsdale, Ariz. “BigBand’s demonstration shows that after years of discussion, new technology is at hand that can allow the cable industry to give advertisers far better returns on their media investments.”

BigBand Networks’ cable-oriented solution is the type of backported platform that brings redistributability to “online-only” advertising objects.

…making it scalable for operators of all sizes will be the challenge to gain traction…

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