Revver to TV with revvernue

Revver’s new (ad)venture with real, actual, broadcast television has taken user-centric media content closer to a sustainable revenue model. On the blog (layout edited for readability):

Here’s how it works: If you’ve opted in to the Revver broadcast channel, you might be selected by the fine folks at FameTV to have your video broadcast on FameTV.

Here’s where you make money: Every time a viewer votes on their favorite video via SMS, the viewer is charged a fee (if you voted for Taylor Hicks, you’ve done the same thing). Revver gets a portion of the revenue that that SMS vote generates. We split that revenue with you, 50/50, no surprises there.

You still own your content, you can still share it with whoever you want, you are still in control.

TechCrunch sees that there’s a large schism between the mass market and the minor markets, possibly resulting in low revenues initially.

But at least Revver has put their producer-friendly ethos down in digital ink, and hopefully they’re also ready for the critique.

There’s a lot of room to innovate in the broadcaster-producer-marketer revenue share model, and the SMS back-channel might grab some attention from the youth(ful) upwardly mobile audience.

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