Vista to drive PC upgrades. If you have any money left over afterwards.

At least now we know how many South Pacific Pesos (aka Australian Dollars) we will have to part with in order to have an Ultimate ™ experience.

Kelly Mills tells me that Vista Ultimate is to cost AUD$751:

Australian IT – Vista to drive PC upgrades (Kelly Mills, OCTOBER 10, 2006)

And Domayne franchisee Gary Wheelhouse would quite like the attendant income from hardware (fast enough to run all the visual decorations):

“There is good pent-up demand for Vista, which will be coupled with hardware sales.”

Vista Ultimate (RC1, soon to be RC2) runs nicely under Parallels on my MacBook Pro, and that’s where it will stay: in a window, always at hand, yet quittable at a keystroke. The internet guru Frank Arrigo was also kind enough to pass on the current beta of Office 2007.

The Ribbon interface neither excited nor disappointed me, but the first thing I turned off was personalized [sic] menus. They are the bane of my existance when using Windows, and I always turn them off as quickly as possible.

Vista Ultimate Media CentreAccess 2007Word 2007

Screenshots open in a layer (via Lightbox 2).

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