What motivates my photography?

Image: Copyright Ben Haylock.

Randal Leeb-du Toit asked

quick poll: what do you do with your photos

I replied

take them, share them, Flickr them. No retouching as I have zero skills. I collect fine art photos and look at them every day.

That’s simplifying things down to 140 characters or less.

Rand followed up

what motivates each of the 3 actions – take, share, Flickr…

Had to stop and think about that.

Image: Copyright Ben Haylock.


I take to reinforce memories, not to create them. I don’t live the event through the viewfinder, I live in the event with the viewfinder. Kress and Van Leeuwen would probably disagree. Baudrillard would have laughed.


I love to share the image, and the story that goes with it, with others: usually friends and family. Nearly everyone says that, but it’s not a motivation per se. My motivation to share is to learn more about the art of photography by doing, then sharing, then listening.


Honestly, I have tried many, many image sharing platforms in the last 10+ years. Flickr is the best fit for me. So, what’s the motivation to Flickr? Again, it’s to share and to learn. I have a few snapshots in Lachlan Hardy’s awesome group for all our amateur chef-fests. I put images up so my father, living in a very, very remote location can see his granddaughter’s experiences.

And Flickring is fun. Just honest to goodness eyecandy fun.

The future is always beginning now

The future is always beginning now

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I left in the photographer’s original title as it made me laugh: I spent a good couple of minutes trying to work out what they meant, versus what they said.

The path may be narrow, yet comfortable, reassuring.
The next step may be vast, unknown and uncharted.
The destination is your goal.