BIVL to Swivel twixt TV and Net

I tried to not go too far with the headline pun.

Extending from The Way Of Sony, the manufacturer has announced “real, actual” availability of BIVL.

BIVL image

BRAVIA™ Internet Video Link clips onto the back of selected TVs, and brings the content linking/downloading scenario of The Sony full-circle.

I was shown the design for a similar concept, whereby an entire HD IPTV Set Top Box and PVR could be slid in, as a board, to a manufacturer’s LCD panels. Not released yet, of course…

And I still have not seen Neotion’s enabler hardware.

Take yesterday’s comments on how to make “New TV”, and add the BIVL, and you might have a real, actual platform. As long as it’s not a closed, Sony-only platform.

[Via engadgetHD]

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